InfoWare Co is a limited liability company, having been founded by a constellation of specialists in IT, e-content creation, data and documentation digital conversion and technical advisory services rendition to clientele.
The Company is employing a constellation of specialists in the realm of data and documentation digitization and database creation nation-wide. They possess the professional expertise and knowhow in making use of the sophisticated implements and tools in this realm.

InfoWare Co is mainly engaging in the realm of data and documentation digitization, e-content creation and technical advisory services rendition to clientele in this realm. Its organizational structure is hence keeping abreast with this business through an array of technical sectors and departments supported by the Financial and Administrative Department in a bid to executing and completing the projects vested thereto on a timely basis and with high-caliber and optimum quality. According to the Company’s business nature, it has far-flung entry centers sprawling all over the Republic, being distributed into more than ten governorates. The Company has the capabilities to run and establish other branches in any other governorates within no more than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the commencement of execution in pursuance of the idiosyncratic nature and geography of the would-be center or the required branch.

In collaboration with the biggest companies operating in the IT realm in Egypt and Kuwait: such as Informatique Co for Information Technology in Egypt as well as a group of Kuwaiti Business Services & Recruitment Group, InfoWare Co has digitized data for an array of the largest projects within the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Kuwait which include inter alia

  • Familial Ration Card Data Entry Project in 3 governorates: 2,285 million forms

  • Newborns’ Particulars and Data Entry Project in 7 governorates: 4,036 million ration cards

  • Agricultural Real Registry’s Data Entry Project in 6 governorates: 150,000 real estate deeds

  • State Civil Servants’ Data Entry Project: 1,985 million employment forms

  • Commercial Registry Affiliate Offices’ Data Entry Project Republic-wide: 300,000 commercial registers

  • Accumulated Amounted Documentation Project in Egyptian Courts: 500,000 exhibits and 30 thousand lawsuits

  • The Ministry of International Cooperation Sectors’ Accumulated Amounted Documentation Data Entry: 200 thousand documents

  • Kuwaiti Occupational & Economic Classification Data Entry: 1,55 million forms

  • Digitization of the Kuwait University’s Student Library References and Periodicals Data: one million documentations

  • Completion of Familial Ration Cards Data in 7 governorates: Third Phase: 4,750 million ration cards

  • Maternity and Childhood Care Form Data Entry for the benefit of Proact World Co: 250 thousand forms

  • Smart Ration Card Social Exclusion Form Data Entry: 600 thousand forms