Cetkmala the objectives of the Company Info ware in the exploitation and development of the human resources available, and the belief in the absolute necessity and importance of training - of all kinds - the administrative and skill and technical, in the preparation of these cadres to join the labor market, right down to the desired level of competence and capacity for innovation and creativity

And where the company believes that training is the perfect choice for each employee or job applicant to refine the self-potential, and provide basic knowledge and information necessary for the performance of the business, and develop practical skills, and create a constructive positive trends has towards the problems of his community and his country. Which makes it able to keep abreast of developments and rapid and successive changes in the areas of life and work

The company pursues in order to achieve this, to prepare a plan for development and capacity development, including programs, seminars and specialized workshops, by human cadres and experts in the following areas

  • Information Technology - specialized courses in Computer

  • Financial and legal programs

  • Human resources and the development of soft skills - interpersonal skills

  • Security, safety and public health